Your child’s future in the IT industry

You, like any parent, want your child to choose a promising profession and achieve high professional results.

Introduce him to the field of information technology. This is not the first year that there has been a shortage of personnel in this rapidly developing industry, although IT specialties consistently lead the TOPs of the most sought-after and highly paid professions.

If your child spends his free time playing computer games or even at night does not part with his smartphone, try to connect his future life with this area. To get your child interested in digital technologies and make sure of its benefits, enroll your son or daughter in IT courses for children. Development of games or mobile applications, creation of websites or configuration of computer networks: one of the proposed directions will surely interest the child and positively influence the choice of future profession.

Work in the IT industry

The Academy of Future Professions is the first step to a well-paid job for your child. The choice of direction depends on the age of the son or daughter, his personal preferences, and his available skills and school knowledge. Our IT school offers you a wide selection of specialties, one of which will surely interest your child.

Main directions

Robotics. The direction includes four courses designed for different ages: from 4, six, eight and ten years old. This is an excellent opportunity to plunge headlong into the world of modern inventions and scientific discoveries. After completing robotics courses, children will be able to independently design, assemble and configure complex robotic systems.

Programming. Your child will begin to understand the principles of building algorithms and the basics of computer programs, learn to independently create complex user applications and network games, acquire knowledge and skills in working with one of the popular programming languages.

Design. Your son or daughter will begin to understand the basics of Adobe Photoshop, get acquainted with 2D and 3D animation, learn to draw objects and create cartoon characters, understand the basics of game design and the principles of creating site layouts, develop spatial thinking and acquire teamwork skills.

We live in a rapidly developing world. Today, the young generation is significantly different from its predecessors, because it has the opportunity to obtain a huge amount of knowledge that changes everyday life. The task of modern parents is to find the right path for the successful future of their child. And taking into account how the importance of technical professions is growing, success depends on technical education. In particular, according to scientists, the future lies in robotics and programming.

It is this field of science that is becoming more and more popular. Not only scientists, but also adults and children strive to improve the world, create inventions that make life easier, “smart” machines and generally change everything for the better. That is why in the near future professions that are not even taught in higher education institutions, but which are inextricably linked with modern education, will become popular, because any qualified specialist must first of all have basic knowledge.

In particular, the professions that are unusual for us now, but will be popular in the future: robotics lawyer (legal services on the issue of human-robot relations), robot service specialist (work in the field of mechanics, electronics, and programming), human-machine collaboration coordinator (effective division of tasks between a person and a robot). Designers of virtual worlds, guides in virtual stores, designers of virtual tours will play an important role in the field of virtual space. And among computer technologies, the professions of IT coordinator (distribution and control of tasks between programmers and testers), developer of Big Data models (programming of tools for processing a large amount of data), IT preacher (promotion of information products and digital training through personal persuasion of the audience with the help of blogs and pages in social networks).

It is worth understanding that in order to achieve success in the future, you need to find the right path even in childhood or adolescence. Therefore, by engaging in robotics, a child develops creative abilities, useful skills, and acquires the necessary knowledge for future professions, which now seem distant and unattainable to us. Robotics combines programming, algorithms, logic, mechanics, mathematics, design and physics. By creating something interesting and unusual, the child also raises the level of knowledge in exact sciences.

The importance of studying robotics and programming can also be proven with scientific data: according to the data of the Change the education study, which took place in the USA. Competition in the field of STEAM vacancies (programmers, biologists, engineers) is 1.7 people per position, while in other fields it is 4.1 people per vacancy. That is, the demand for specialists in such fields is growing from year to year.

In addition, among the advantages, robotics and programming develop patience, motility of hands and fingers, well train the twists and turns, develop your child, answering a lot of questions that have been of interest until now and remained unanswered, and quench the teenage information hunger.

To master the professions of the future, you need to prepare from an early age, so open your child to the world of innovation, robotics and programming. After all, this field of science is an infallible path to success.