5 most popular programming languages

Over the past few years, the profession of programmer has become one of the most sought-after and popular in Ukraine. The number of IT companies that need new developers is growing every day. This leads to a great demand for IT specialists and an increase in wages in this field.

The “YOLO” educational center offers a list of the 5 most popular programming languages ​​that you should pay attention to.


It is an extremely common language, because 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Java in their development in one way or another. By the way, it is used in the development of the Android operating system, which is currently the most mobile platform in the world. The language was developed back in 1995 by Oracle and still remains at the top. It is used to develop desktop applications, operating systems, “back end” systems and much more. Its main advantage is cross-platform. Therefore, after learning this language, you will get many opportunities for employment.


Although the name of this language is similar to the previous language Javascript, it is a completely different programming language. According to Stackoverflow, Javascript is the most popular programming language among developers. This language is used as one of the main technologies for creating interactive sites along with HTML and CSS. After all, most browsers use exactly these three main technologies. Also, using it, you can create mobile applications, games and desktop applications. Therefore, if you plan to develop in these areas, you should try to start with this programming language.


HTML and CSS are not exactly programming languages, and experienced programmers believe that if a person only knows HTML and CSS, he cannot call himself a programmer. However, these technologies are used on almost every site. After all, it is through them that the visual style of the sites, buttons, icons and effects of each page are prescribed. Therefore, it is useful to know these languages ​​not only for programmers, but also for web designers. Therefore, if you want to start your development in web development or design, then you should first of all pay attention to these technologies.


The popularity of this programming language is due to the fact that it is used in the most common platform for creating WordPress sites, and 80% of the most visited sites in the world use the PHP language in one way or another. It is considered one of the basic and simplest programming languages ​​that everyone who calls himself a programmer should know. It does not matter whether you are creating websites, complex online stores or server solutions, PHP will definitely come in handy.


The language that was developed back in 1983 and on which Microsoft Windows and Google Chrome were created. With a wide set of tools, the language is easily adaptable for use in various areas of life, be it banking, game development, commerce, or more. Therefore, it is in this language that you can create complex commercial systems with many elements, as well as develop simple applications and programs. And if you are looking for a language with a wide range of tools and features, then C++ is for you.


Programming makes it possible to both earn good money and be able to independently plan your own work schedule. Therefore, if your child gravitates towards programming, welcome to our programming course for schoolchildren. Sign up for bring your child to classes.

My future profession is a programmer

The profession of “programmer” is becoming more and more popular every year. You ask why? In 2018, almost everyone constantly uses various electrical appliances, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. And how much time do we spend on the Internet? Even scientists call it the disease of the 21st century. Digital and information media are constantly changing and, of course, their software is constantly being improved. That is why a separate specialty for such needs arose.

Profession “programmer”

It is no secret that in Ukraine the profession of software engineer is quite promising and highly paid, but, of course, in order to become one, you need to put in a lot of effort. A good specialist must constantly study and improve his skills, engage in self-education. Because the IT field is developing very quickly, it is necessary to quickly respond to changes, adapt to new technologies, otherwise the acquired skills will quickly lose their relevance. You should be ready for routine work that does not require physical activity. Also, a modern programmer must be fluent in English.
But if you are ready for the difficulties that await you, then of course it will pay off:

the salary of a programmer is many times higher compared to other professions. A beginner programmer can easily claim $600-$1000 a month, and as he acquires new skills and experience, he can earn $1500-$1800. Professional developers working in large companies earn up to $3,000, in management positions – $5,000;
you will always be in demand on the labor market, moreover, on the global labor market;
you will have the opportunity to work remotely, you do not need to sit in the office all the time, or you can even assemble a team and create your own projects.

How to become a programmer?

Undoubtedly, programmers are not born, they become them. A programmer’s job is to develop software. You need to master the basics of programming and algorithms, choose the programming languages ​​in which you will write code, and master the general concepts of this profession. In many vacancies, a mandatory criterion is a higher education. That is, basic knowledge and a diploma are still necessary.
So, in order to get some kind of knowledge base for further employment, you need to enter a university, and before that successfully pass all the subjects of the external examination. The best programmers of Ukraine are graduates of KPI named after Igor Sikorsky, all employers and all companies in our country know this. Our APEPS department teaches programming to students starting from the first year, using various programming languages. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of practical skills.

So, if you have analytical thinking, you can quickly adapt to changes, you are persistent and patient, you want to work in a team and you really care about your future – the doors of our department are always open.